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Let's get circular.

Rethinking farming

Agricultural systems are expected to change significantly in the near future. Farms face pressure to increase yields, but some of these short-term agricultural practices negatively affect the land and lead to long-term damage. Circular agriculture resolves this trade-off.


We raise awareness for circular food and farm systems

Agriculture needs to be reimagined. That’s why we - a group of food & farm professionals and enthusiasts -  created Mai Minds: Circular Food and Farm.

We want to raise the awareness for circular agriculture.  We want to go beyond organic farming and sustainability to reimagine all processes on a farm, from setup to sales.

Nature is a blueprint for circularity; everything fits perfectly together and forms a seemingly endless cycle. Nature, left by its own, does though not allow us to effectively feed 8 billion people. Therefore, circular business models look at how we can blend agriculture into nature without causing lasting and severe harm. The farm of the future should be built on stable supply, resilient crops, ethical animal husbandry and biodiversity. Let's treat nature as our friend, not opponent.

Let's co-create the circular farm of the future. Get involved!

We engage in research on perennial farming and farm sustainability

The task ahead is too big to be done by ourselves alone.. That’s why we invite you to enter into dialogue, exchange ideas and plan the farm for the future. Topics we are particularly interested in include biodiversity,, water irrigation, perennial crops and indigenous plants. We work with universities, research organizations and others. Because knowledge can help us to better tackle the issues on hand.

What is circularity? 

In simple terms, circular agriculture systems aim for flows of materials and resources in which the output of one process becomes the input to another process, thereby reducing waste to a minimum. Read more...

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