Harvesting Innovations to Create Sustainable Food and Agriculture Systems

Food systems worldwide are under threat

Worldwide food systems suffer from multiple issues, including food loss and waste, excessive farming, extinction of natural habitats, to name but a few. On the other hand technology capabilities and research insights are on hand to mitigate the negative impacts and ensure healthy nutrition for all.


Mai Minds: Harvesting the power of innovations

Increased research initiatives not necessarily lead to greater innovation. But it is innovation, paired with conscious consumption and processing, that can make a significant difference in how we distress the food system. It is Mai Mind's mission to increase the effectiveness of research, channel capital into promising technologies and ideas, and to identify opportunities both for research and investment. 

We have all means on hand to address the situation

  • An extensive expertise in bringing products to market

  • A network consisting of startups, investors, scientists and experts

  • Thorough understanding of public and private financing opportunities

  • Tools and workflows that put marketing, finance and legal disciplines in the center, thereby increasing financial value of innovations


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We are engaged in a broad range of topics that directly or indirectly impact the quality of food and beverages. Seel here


Out main aim is to secure healthy and solid food systems, this by focussing on bringing sustainabale and financial viable innovations to market. See here