We recreate sustainable food systems. 

Food and agriculture systems need a complete rethink. On the one hand nutritional and healthy products are often unaccessible to many; on the other hand mass agriculture and production have led to food waste and destruction of biodiversity. Climate change might be the last trigger that will lead to a collapse. Mai Minds engages in improving food products, agricultural systems and the way we think about food. 


Market analyses in food and agriculture

Design & management of agricultural pilot studies

Educational activities on sustainable food systems

Innovation management & market entry strategies

Financial viability assessments

Relations to public and private investors

We think and do,
we envision and implement:

Circular food economies evolving around farmers and consumers
Agriculture and aquaculture systems with biodiversity at the core
Climate neutral harvesting, processing, packaging and logistics
Production of indigenous, nutritious and healthy foods​

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Benefit from our experience in food, agriculture, marketing and finance, covering the whole spectrum from publicly funded research and innovation projects, to launching local and international brands.  Contact us at info.maiminds@gmail.com


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We are engaged in a broad range of topics that directly or indirectly impact the quality of food and beverages. Seel here


Out main aim is to secure healthy and solid food systems, this by focussing on bringing sustainabale and financial viable innovations to market. See here