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We believe agriculture is one of the most underrated activities. Given the challenges the planet faces, agriculture and how it fits into nature, should get much more attention. As we are entrepreneurs and enthusiasts in food and agriculture ourselves, we encourage entrepreneurs, farmers, and everybody who is interested to engage actively and reach out to us.

We formed this association because we see sustainable agriculture globally just at the beginning, having great future potential. 

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Ben is a marketing and business development professional. His fascination for food and agriculture goes back to when he was still a student. One of his first assignments was to analyze the brand history of Valserwassser, a leading Swiss mineral water. Ben went on to oversee and support the launch and relaunch of many brands in product categories such as coffee, cocoa, vegetables, tropical fruits, processed foods, mineral water and many more. His mission is to create farms that are sustainable and in harmony with nature. 


David is a West African entrepreneur. His company sources fruits and grains that otherwise would go to waste. The company produces powder for instant food and juices, without additives and preservatives. By doing so consumers are able to store the product without the need for a fridge, and bridge the nutritional gap between harvest seasons when fresh fruits are are hard to get by. David's vision is to bring young people back to farming and help West Africa getting self-sufficient in food supplies. 

Chanh sees a bright future for IoT and renewable energy in circular agriculture. His vision is to pair the ingenuity of man with the beauty of nature to enable farms of tomorrow to produce food for a growing population, in harmony with nature. Equipped with an MSc in Mechanics and Energy at University Lyon 1 (France), Chanh has spent over 15 years in Vietnam building and distributing agriculture machinery and IoT.   

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